CASA MEVA Mallorca – A “turnkey” house from 9 months

Our profession is the design, management and construction of houses of all kinds. And always with the usual German quality. All construction work is carried out in accordance with the German VOB (contracting regulations in the construction industry) – benefit from 40 years of construction experience and an efficient team that has been successfully building houses on Mallorca for almost 30 years.


Jana von Axleben

Jana von Axleben

Wioleta Mielcarcz

Wioleta Mielcarcz

Sales Assistant


Our builders are accompanied by a German-speaking site management, craftsmen, technicians and engineers right from the start. Continuous support before, during and after completion of your building project is a matter of course here. CASA MEVA is a brand of Dressler & Partner – architectural office, construction company, construction management.


How do the houses built by CASA MEVA or Dressler & Partner differ from the many other houses built here on Mallorca?
Our aim is to build houses that function in terms of building physics, also here on Mallorca. Therefore, all houses built by our team are planned and implemented taking into account the ecological, building biology and building physics conditions of Mallorca. Just as it would be done in Germany. Therefore, in our conventional way of building, stone on stone, we use aerated concrete (Ytong) or clay brick (Termoacilla) as material for the shell, load-bearing walls and solid ceilings as well as rear-ventilated, visible roof trusses. The transitions between masonry block and concrete components are insulated in such a way that the even passage of temperature through the wall is guaranteed. This prevents the occurrence of condensation and mould.

As an alternative to this, we offer the possibility of building with the special Climatic wall technology from LUXHAUS, which allows an even shorter construction time. This has been tested and recommended by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim. Natural materials protect the environment, and the construction also ensures a special indoor climate. Prefabrication in the hall avoids moisture in the house. The solid wood fibre insulation board of the Climatic wall provides effective heat protection. So it stays pleasantly cool in your CASA MEVA house even when outside temperatures are high. And in winter, it keeps the cold out and the energy demand down. The immense stability of the LUXHAUS Climatic wall of around 500 kg load-bearing capacity per screw is due to the solid gluing. In combination with the diffusion openness, this wall construction is unique.

All our buildings are designed with a horizontal moisture barrier under the entire masonry. This makes it impossible for moisture to rise from the ground – one of the main problems when building a house on Mallorca.

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