Casa Meva builds your feel-good house on Mallorca, inexpensively and quickly We always build your energy-saving house according to German standards and, of course, in tested and healthy living quality.

Entirely in accordance with our customers’ ideas, we build in the conventional way, brick on brick with aerated concrete (Ytong) or clay brick (Termoacilla), with load-bearing walls and solid ceilings as well as rear-ventilated, visible roof trusses. The transitions between masonry block and concrete components are insulated to ensure the even passage of temperature through the wall.

This prevents the occurrence of condensation and mold.

Alternatively, we build with the special Climatic wall from LUXHAUS (tested and recommended by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim). Natural materials protect the environment, and the construction also ensures a healthy indoor climate. The solid wood fibre insulation board of the Climatic wall provides effective heat and cold protection. This means that your CASA MEVA house stays pleasantly cool even when outside temperatures are high and warm in winter with low energy requirements. In combination with the diffusion openness, this wall construction is unique.

With suitable insulation, insulating glass windows as well as state-of-the-art building technology, such as heat pumps, highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems, controlled ventilation systems, solar support, electric shutters, satellite TV and much more.



Each of our CASA MEVA energy-saving houses is built on a floor slab, which is insulated against rising damp with a suitable PE foil between the clean layer and the floor slab. The construction is carried out according to DIN in in-situ concrete quality, thickness 18-22 cm thick depending on the statics, including the suitable steel reinforcement. At an extra charge, on a concrete base at an average height of 80 cm, as a crawl space/installation ceiling or, depending on the terrain, other heights are also possible according to the permissible standard.

If necessary, drainage systems protect structures in contact with the ground in the base area from seepage and stratum water.



The exterior walls are built as load-bearing masonry from single-shell solid masonry with 29 cm thick Thermoarcilla (Poroton similar stone) or alternatively with aerated concrete (Ytong). Your CASA MEVA solid house has all the constructive and structural-physical positive properties of a solid solid house. Reinforced concrete chords, window/door lintels and joints of ceiling slabs are provided with suitable insulation in the external wall area/connection. The floor slabs are supplied and laid as reinforced concrete slabs in cast-in-place concrete – including suitable steel reinforcement in accordance with the structural analysis.


The shell is manufactured in Germany, according to the planning,

by the company LUXHAUS, according to German standards and guidelines. The special Climatic wall from LUXHAUS has been tested and recommended by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim. Natural materials protect the environment, and the structure also ensures a healthy indoor climate. The prefabrication in the hall prevents moisture in the house. Furthermore, window installation also takes place under workshop conditions. The solid wood fibre insulation board of the Climatic wall provides effective heat and cold protection. The immense stability of the Climatic wall of around 500 kg load-bearing capacity per screw is based on solid gluing. n combination with the diffusion openness, this wall construction is unique.



The stable roof construction is usually made of solid structural timber in accordance with the static calculation. Individual roof constructions are possible, taking into account the client’s wishes and local regulations. As a matter of principle, we also pay attention to well-functioning roof superstructures, which, like the entire house, are structurally adapted to the conditions on Mallorca. As a rule, our roofs are installed on a carrier plate made of wood material or clay tiles, with 80 mm thick on-roof insulation, a foil, a reinforced concrete layer, a barrier against moisture and, as a finish, a monk and nun roofing.

As an alternative to a “Majorcan roof structure”, we offer a rear-ventilated roof structure, which is also constructed in accordance with and taking into account the physical building conditions of Majorca.

Both roof systems guarantee a pleasant and healthy living climate in summer and winter.



More quality for your home with windows made of PVC-U. Our value-retaining PVC-U windows fulfil your individual wishes in terms of function, equipment and design. At the same time, the very good thermal insulation sustainably improves your living comfort.


Contemporary architecture values wooden windows for their natural and heat-insulating properties. There are almost no limits to the possibilities in terms of processing and design.


Cosy on the inside, even more durable on the outside: windows and doors made of wood-aluminium. Even more weather-resistant, even more design options: Our high-quality wood-plastic windows are also available with an aluminum panel on the outside. This aluminium shield protects the already resistant plastic profiles even better against strong weather influences and heat exposure.


Aluminium windows: Elegant windows for special requirements. We are convinced of the durability and designability of aluminium! In the core, a plastic profile ensures that there are no cold bridges. The surfaces are provided with aluminium profiles.



A perfect mix of modernity and Mallorcan tradition. Partial cladding with natural stone gives your house a modern, yet Mallorcan style. True to the line, for example, there are windows with a frame of mares stone.


The popular Bauhaus style with its clean lines, lots of glass surfaces and white plastered surfaces is also very much on the rise on Mallorca. This style also combines well with a natural stone facade.


Quite traditionally, a natural stone façade reflects the rural character of Mallorca. Fitted with classic shutters, it makes the Mediterranean dream come true.



Our robust and beautiful louvre roofs convince with excellent design and provide unique lighting mood. Thanks to the adjustable slats and vertical shading, they offer maximum comfort in any weather! Our slat roofs are also available with lighting.


When you want to enjoy the sun, all you have to do is press a button – and the awning closes. If the weather gets worse, simply open the folding awning again. You can sit comfortably in the dry – without leaving your terrace. Integrated high-power LED spots provide the right lighting mood.


The fully automatic high-end sail is a handmade unique piece and is controlled by high-quality motors. With the arched cloth surface, you create an ideal feel-good atmosphere and an exclusive sense of space, whatever the weather.


With its purist design, this awning is the avant-gardist among shades. In modern houses, the cassette awning enters into a harmonious dialogue with the façade; on old buildings, it provides exciting contrasts. Thanks to motorisation and control via radio or smartphone, operation is child’s play.


Our shutters are made of wood or aluminium according to a site measurement and are available in almost all colours. Although wood is one of the most beautiful materials, we recommend the aluminium version for Mallorca. These shutters are of course also available as sliding shutters.


Thanks to the perfect workmanship, you are optimally protected from rain and sun. Thanks to the construction with supports, our awnings are extremely stable, even in strong winds you are ideally protected. Choose between different modern designs for the optimal feel-good effect.


With ZIP screens, we offer a unique combination of glare and heat protection, combined with decorative facade design. The low-maintenance, easy-to-clean systems are modern solutions with extremely high wind resistance (8 Bft, 62-74 km/h) and are also practical insect protection.


Surfaces in wood, stainless steel, ceramic or leather – from us you get a unique design work made of the highest quality materials! Our doors stand for maximum security and comfort and are optimally equipped for the climatic conditions on the island.


There are many floor and wall tiles. Whether high-quality ceramic tiles or natural stone floors, we will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right tiles for walls and floors.

This trowel technique impresses with its jointless processing. A variety of different colours are available for wall and floor surfaces. The individual handwriting of the fabricator creates a small unique piece in your home. Microcement is often used in bathrooms.

Our built-in wardrobes are carpentered by our carpenters on site together with you exactly to your needs. All materials and colours are available.

Our interior doors are produced exclusively in Germany. We offer you a wide choice when it comes to the colour design of the doors. Thanks to the perimeter frame and the solid processing of the door, good sound insulation is guaranteed.


It is a well-known fact that those who love cooking also love their kitchen.

To find the perfect kitchen for your Casa Meva home, we work with various kitchen manufacturers.

Together with you, we will develop a design concept that suits you and your home – be it minimalist and timeless or Mediterranean and cosy.

All our cooperation partners offer you high-quality materials, creative colour concepts and state-of-the-art equipment, individually tailored to you.

“Colour is a trigger of strong effects. Colour is a factor of our existence.”



The bathroom is one of the most important, perhaps even the most important room in every house. We plan, together with you, your dream bathroom in 3D.

Whether modern or Mediterranean, we offer you all possibilities. Our standards here include spacious, floor-level showers with glass shower enclosures.

Elegant niches in the showers or above the bathtub add the finishing touches to your bathroom. With the help of our 3D planning, we can design all alternatives in real terms and discuss them with you.

Especially in the area of sanitary objects and fittings, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. We will be happy to advise you on which fittings suit you and your bathroom. Through joint sampling, nothing stands in the way of creativity.



Air source heat pumps from reputable manufacturers, for a cost-effective innovative heating and cooling situation in your new beautiful home. Heat pumps are among the most effective and ecologically sensible technologies in the field of renewable energies. Use of free environmental energy, as well as lowest operating costs (up to 50% cheaper than oil or gas). The outdoor air source heat pump operates with an indoor unit and a buffer tank. The heat is distributed in the building with the help of underfloor heating, with a low flow temperature. The heating loops of the underfloor heating are laid on insulation in the screed according to German standards.


Depending on the customer’s requirements and architecture, we offer various air conditioning options. Whether surface-mounted units or integrated in a suspended ceiling, we will be happy to advise you.


In order to protect our environment even better, our domestic hot water tank is also fed with solar energy. Solar systems installed on the roof surfaces bring thermal energy into the heat exchanger and thus support the hot domestic water. Circulation pipes ensure that hot water is immediately ready at the tapping points, for example at a washbasin or in the showers.


Our houses on Mallorca shine with good insulation, also thanks to our windows from Germany. CASA MEVA sets its own standard to ventilate the houses in a controlled manner. Many CASA MEVA houses are not permanently occupied. Manual shock ventilation can thus only be guaranteed with difficulty. The remedy is decentralised, controlled ventilation. In each bedroom, as well as in the living/dining area, small wall-mounted units ensure continuous air exchange. The units independently measure the humidity of the room and give the command to ventilate or dehumidify the rooms through internal communication with each other. Thanks to heat recovery, which is built into all units, no heating energy is lost in the colder months. Due to the installation in the walls, no suspended ceilings with large superstructures are necessary. If the house has an exposed beam roof truss, for example, these devices can help to preserve the appearance and the house is still professionally ventilated.


Suitable lighting is always discussed and planned in close cooperation with the customer. LED recessed spotlights for ceiling installation or as floor spotlights give the house a modern ambience.

There are no limits to the lighting, just like the architecture as a whole. For example, shadow gaps built into ceilings indoors can be indirectly illuminated. In Mediterranean latitudes, coordinated outdoor lighting is a welcome stylistic device. House facades made of natural stone or plastered surfaces, garden lighting, pool lighting or the illuminated driveway complete the dream home on Mallorca.

In Spain, the electrical wiring is done exclusively via empty conduits in which the individual wires are pulled in. With clever sub-distribution on the floors and in the rooms, wires or cables can also be easily traced in the future.

Especially in the rural areas of Mallorca, there is no connection to sewerage networks. Here, a so-called three-chamber septic tank, also called fossa septica, is used.

In areas of Mallorca without the possibility of connecting to the public water supply network, we offer you various water supply alternatives. Large cisterns store your domestic water and are filled by tankers. Depending on the geology, there is also the possibility of drilling your own well. The extracted well water is also stored in large cisterns, usually under the terrace.

300 days of sunshine on Mallorca are an invitation to use alternative energies for your own needs. A photovoltaic system on the roof or as a small solar park on the property stores the energy generated with the help of storage batteries and feeds it into the house. So nothing stands in the way of a self-sufficient life.


Intelligent smart home systems increase security, comfort and at the same time relieve the burden on the wallet. Electrically controllable devices, such as shading and heating systems, lighting systems and even surveillance cameras, can be conveniently controlled from a smartphone or tablet. A smart home adapts to its occupants and continuously learns to support and facilitate your everyday life.

Networked sound systems allow you to listen to your favourite song perfectly distributed throughout the house. The speakers communicate via a wireless network, saving unnecessary wiring. Beautiful design and controllable via your own smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to security, we will be happy to advise you on which security systems suit your home. These systems are always tailored to your individual needs.



The possibility to jump into the cool water in front of your own terrace is a dream. Whether skimmer or overflow pool, we will be happy to advise you. CASA MEVA recommends a pool powered by salt electrolysis. The advantages are very good skin compatibility and pleasant, soft swimming pool water. If a separate pool heating by solar energy, as well as air heat pump or an elegant pool cover is desired, we will be happy to show you all the possibilities.


Terraces, paths, gardens, retaining walls, fencing and gate systems are usually individual solutions and are adapted to the building and terrain. We will be happy to give you ideas and advise you on the execution of the gardening work.

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